Restaurant management
  • Elmosanat Co Attendance systems | Restaurant management


uitable for booking via the Internet and intranets food

  • Ability to communicate with function control
  • Local network and internet
  • Ability to report the reserved list
  • Ability to choice of different restaurants
  • Ability to reserve the food and desserts for each meal

Elmosanat Co Attendance systems | Restaurant management

Restaurant management WinRest

Suitable for restaurant management

  • Define different users with different access
  • Ability to define several meals per day
  • Ability to unlimited food and dessert
  • Ability to define different prices for each food
  • Define restaurants for a collection
  • Define different working group
  • Define personnel with “profile” and restaurant information

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Elmosanat co . was stablished in 1992 with the aim of producing time attendance and related systems including both hardware and software.In the target Elmosanat co , with extremely effort , it could be in the among of first manufactures in access control and time attendance devices.

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