Time attendance
  • Elmosanat Co Attendance systems | Time attendance device ST-SHINE
  • Elmosanat Co Attendance systems | Time attendance device ST-SHINE

Time attendance device, ST-SHINE

Time attendance & Access control

  • Access record via fingerprint & contactless card
  • Contactless card reader types of Mifre & 125 khz
  • LED screen, Color, 3/4 inch
  • Prompt function and identify the people less than 1 second
  • Connection ability to network via TCP/ IP
  • Internal camera to record pictures of users
  • Internal UPS & work, up to 5 hours without electricity


The device that you have seen is a time attendance. Design and manufactured of the device using the latest technology of the world, and completely in Elmosanat Co, This device is made kindly in addition to many features and capabilities to have high quality and reasonable price as well.

Introduce detail of device

Elmosanat Co Attendance systems | Time attendance device ST-SHINE

1. Touch LCD
2. Camera
3. Fingerprint sensor
4. Menu key
5.Enter key
6. Exit key
7. Mission key
8. Mission and leave key
9. Contactless card

Elmosanat Co Attendance systems | Time attendance device ST-SHINE

1. Adaptor input
3. Lan port
4. Usb port
5. RS232 PORT / RS485 PORT
6. Hook
7. Speaker
8. Alarm switch

Main page
In this page of device the information such as: day , date, time are visible.

Elmosanat Co Attendance systems | Time attendance device ST-SHINE

Internal UPS : according to the function of device both connection via device adaptor and internal UPS.
So, if the device connected directly, it is appeared the red mark on the internal UPS. In case of the device is connected to the internal UPS. Will be displayed the percentage of charge the internal UPS Card –reader: if the device has the card- reader and identification by device, the card mark with type of (mifre 125 khz) card appears.
Sensor: if the device identify the fingerprint sensor, sensor signal appears on the screen .

New user
The screen of fingerprint that is in main menu has facilities such as : fingerprint record, delete one or all fingerprints, and sensor setting

Elmosanat Co Attendance systems | Time attendance device ST-SHINE

Steps of fingerprint definition
In fingerprint record option, at first you must select the user ID , for new personnel .
With confirmation you can go to the next step.
Choose: “definition “ till 3 times the finger must be selected on the sensor ( message “ please put your fingerprint on the sensor “ , put the fingerprint on the sensor. And immediately after confirmation you must remove it.)
If the fingerprint registered successfully, message: “ done” has shown .
Otherwise message “ please try again” ask the user to redefine the fingerprint.

Traffic record
After fingerprint / card identification, to register enter/ exit / leave and mission
If the user without selecting the keys ( enter/ exit / leave and mission ) to register fingerprint or identification card, while during the register is not define any mode for hour, the traffic will be register normally.
But if the user with the keys of device have the traffic,
There will be the following states:
The keys on device has more value than the definition mode for device.

Elmosanat Co Attendance systems | Time attendance device ST-SHINE

If you choose the relevant option to enter and exit the window appear on the screen , that you should close your finger to sensor during 10 seconds or using the card.
While choose leave and mission option, personnel should choose the kind of leave and mission after 10 seconds, after that need 10 seconds in order to register the card or fingerprint.
It should be noted that it is possible to active the special keys through advanced setting menu.

Elmosanat Co Attendance systems | Time attendance device ST-SHINE

System administrator
In order to prevent the irresponsible people to device setting and control it by administrator need to define password for device. This password is 6 digits. In security part which is define for hour on the initial setting menu. It must be only available to the system administrator.

Elmosanat Co Attendance systems | Time attendance device ST-SHINE

Note 1: it should be noted that the device can be defined without administrator user , but if the administrator is defined. It is not possible to cancel it.
2- System administrator , To enter the setting through the administrator password.
3-another way to enter the setting menu is, using daily password.
Daily password is a kind of password that depend on to date of ( year , month , day ) time ( hour , minute) and serial number, and if change any of these parameters the number of daily password has change. when this ability has use whether administrator forgot his password or administrator user is not available during the day and not going to be enter the device setting menu . in this case contact with the after sale services DEPT of Elmosanat Co , to receive the password administrator, and enter to the respective part.
Password USB: In this section, define the password for using USB for hours.
Alarm key: by enabling this option if the device is removed, the alarm could be heard. In this way, if anybody going to remove the device. The alarm could be heard. If you wan to cut the alarm, you can be taken in one of two ways: In the first case, administrator after enter the password, then enter to the setting of device and alarm would be cut off.
In the second case: by placing the device on the primary, after 30 second the alarm is cut off.
It should be noted that in this case the ON/OFF keys of device are disable.

External relays
For connecting the relay to device, 2 pin connector is mounted.
If the user willing to use the external relays, to connection them, you must provide the relay module in Elmosanat Co.

  • Traffic record: fingerprint & card
  • Touch screen ( LCD)
  • Internal UPS

Technical specification

  • record the traffic: fingerprint / Card- reader – contactless ( type 125 khz)
  • Capacity of traffic record: 250.000 records
  • Capacity of fingerprint record: 9000 fingerprints
  • Face recognition: ─
  • Card capacity:100,000
  • Identification time: less than 1 second
  • Color screen :
  • Screen size:3/5- inch screen
  • Touch keyboard:
  • Camera to record the traffic: equipped to internal camera ( VGA) in order to record the picture of users during using the device.
  • Connections: various of communication ports , serial , NET, USB
  • Dimension:5.5 *17.5*21 cm
  • Weight : 1 kg
  • Operational keys: have 4 keys in order to register: enter/ exit/ hourly leave and mission
  • Language main menu: support 2 languages: Persian, English
  • Internal UPS:
  • Internal UPS capacity : full function up to 5 hours, during a power outage
  • Other features: keeping data, without backup batteries
  • Other features: Iranian design with latest technology, compact and lightweight

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