Time attendance
  • Elmosanat Co Attendance systems | ETS Time Attendance Software
  • Ability to work via windows, web, mobile
  • Ability to work without need any computer,
  • Available
  • Equipped to intelligent assistant for personnel and system operator
  • Equipped to reporter


Elmosanat Co. with more than 25 years of experience and expert in these field such as: Time attendance, access control, it could be success in fourth- generation of Time attendance software.

The new software are known as ETS.

Result of experience, with more than 40,000 active clients such as: ministry, factories, office, hospital, and hospitals, that combined with technology and expert to cover new demand at every levels. This system designed and implementation based on SOA, (Service Oriented Architecture).and as all IT managers know that applying SOA is one of the essentials in the software production today, because in addition to development and maintenance is much easier, the cost will be less.

Full coverage Time attendance and performance

  • Equipped to the most powerful system
  • Support and shift control
  • Full support from nurse productivity
  • Full coverage …
  • Dynamic shift for big factories and organization
  • Personnel Group

Full dashboard and efficient

  • Complete delete of paper process
  • Equipped to control the enter and exit,

Integrated ability to other systems

  • Active directory
  • E-mail, SMS


  • تعریف تقویم تعطیلات عمومی و اختصاصی
  • Holidays calendar
  • Use solar and Christian calendar
  • Several years of works at the same time and different time
  • Several models working
  • Define non- working period
  • Define shifts
  • Ability to shifts in a day work
  • Change the time
  • Assign details parameters
  • Leave and mission support
  • Define leave and mission for each group
  • Define normal working group
  • Define multi time working
  • Intelligent enter and exit
  • Shift intelligent
  • Unusual pattern for personnel traffic
  • Define flexible rules
  • Determined the day for leave and mission
  • Shift in groups
  • Confirmation of leave and mission
  • Implementation of …
  • Control of leave balances and transfer in year and period
  • Ability to define all kind of leave
  • Ability to define all kind of mission
  •  Different Service Register
  • Define calendar, working group, shifts,
  • Define administrative

Basic information

  • Define unlimited personnel
  • Define people who are not in the personnel
  • Ability to assign personal features
  • Define work experience and educational
  • Ability to register the training courses and foreign languages
  • Ability to introduction of…
  • Ability to define separate codes for cards, fingerprint and face
  • Ability to define all the basic information systems such as: cities, countries, types of insurance , etc. in order to use the system.



  • Provide the details
  • Present the calculation result
  • Reports presents
  • Detail reports of personnel mission
  • Daily work reports
  • Leave balance reports
  • Enter and exit reports

Hospital version

  • Full support
  • Possibility of monthly shift
  • Ability to specific shift
  • M,E,N shift
  • Ability to more than 1 shift along the day and control the shifts
  • Ability to change and replace shift
  • Ability to define shift state and apply needed
  • Ability to define … for
  • Ability to shift report
  • Ability to report of personnel
  • change shift request

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Elmosanat co . was stablished in 1992 with the aim of producing time attendance and related systems including both hardware and software.In the target Elmosanat co , with extremely effort , it could be in the among of first manufactures in access control and time attendance devices.

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